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Whole Organization: strategy, business, operational, merger

Select Purpose: initiative, program, contingency, succession


Process Facilitation

Retreats & Groups: staff, boards, panels, roundtables


Merger: planning, decisions and inter-entity“dating” 

Community Engagement


Transition Management

Organizational Change

Succession Planning

Interim Executive: guiding management, assessment, change


Board Development

Facilitated Self-Assessment or External Assessment

Board Orientation

Board Book, Bylaw & Policy Development

Board Composition & Recruitment Planning

Full Board & Board Leadership Coaching

Executive Search Assistance

Workshops: click HERE for details


Leadership Support

Presentation Coaching & Editing

Resume Coaching & Editing

Troublshooting: sticky situations, relationships, transitions


Program Evaluation

Logic Model Development

Evaluation Planning & Tools 

The Evaluation Itself


Organizational Assessment

Whole Organization or Components: management, governance, financial, structure/staffing, individual programs


Research Design, Implementation & Analysis

Multi-Modal Designs: surveys, focus groups, interviews

Foundation, Corporate Grant Opportunities & Trends

Compilition of Comparative Data for Compensation Decisions

Environmental Scanning

Trend Analysis: sector economics, funding, census, etc.


Strategy & Guideline Development

Technical Assistance for Grantees

Program & Management

Grant Program Evaluation

Program Officer Search Assistance & Administration


Outsourced Grant Staff Services

Proposal Process Administration

Due Diligence Review, Site Visits & Grantee Assessments

Proposal Review & Recommendations

Final Report Review