Thank you for attending my sessions.  As promised, here are my slide decks. I have plans to revise and expand these sessions in response to your reactions and comments and will repost when I do.


Demystifying Generative Governance

You’ve been told that a governing body should practice “generative thinking” in order to be high performing. But what does that even mean? This session will:

  • Break myths and misconceptions about types of governance thinking.

  • Look at examples of what generative governance is and what it isn’t. 

  • Leave with resources and tips to help CEOs and governing body chairs fulfill their duties.


Challenging the Notion of EFFICIENT Meetings

Conventional wisdom doesn’t always serve pool governing bodies and CEOs when “efficient” meetings become more important than “effective” ones. How quickly your governing body navigates an agenda isn’t a strong outcome if it sacrifices the importance of a deep and relevant conversation. This session will:

  • Discuss the tradeoffs between effective and efficient meetings

  • Help you identify your board’s needs considering its structure, expectations, and meeting frequency

  • Tips to “flip the script” for topics that require more conversation, time, and reflection; methods for slowing down as your governing body improves its effectiveness

(RE)Setting the Table for Better Decision-Making

Take a look at how all the components of your governing body meetings -- from the information packets you produce to where people sit. Which of them help or hinder deep discussion and reflection on complex issues? Are there simple changes you can make? This session will share:

  • Principles of decision making, how we focus and signal change

  • Tips for reflecting on key decisions as you deepen practice.

  • Tips for revising agendas, packets, roles and responsibilities, technology, room sets, and more.



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