Sara is available to present/engage on a range of topics related to the capacities of healthy organizations.  


Topics addressed are ever-evolving and customizable, running the gamut from broad overview to detailed treatment of specific issues, from 1-hour presentations to 3-hour workshops.  The structure will depend on your needs and goals.

General Categories


Good Governance

Financial Oversight

Strategic Planning

Organizational Change

Understanding Conflict

Research & Evaluation

Effective Grantmaking

Sample Topics



Demystifying Generative Governance: A Three-Part Series

Good Boards & Good Governance: When the basics aren’t so basic…

Good Governance: Implementing Practices & Principles

Boards of Directors in Recession Mode

Understanding Boards of Directors


Management & Finance

Ready. Set. Policy!

Process Improvement in Pooling

Development v. Finance: Healthy Balance or Organizational Liability

Breaking Down the Silos: Cross-Functional Collaboration in Organizations


Planning & Strategy

Sustainability: A Way of Being

Succession Planning: Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

Planning & Organizational Change

Understanding Strategic Planning

Living Your Mission: Making Change Happen

From Strategy to Action: Effective Implementation & Adaptability



Conflict at Clients

Conflict in the Council Chamber: How Staff Can Help


Evaluation & Research

Evaluation: Where Mission, Planning & Accountability Unite

Finding the Value in Evaluation

Benchmarking for Success

Research Methods




Sara was easy to listen to.


Expert qualifications and experience.


Respectful, warm, intentional


Sara is a very good presenter,

professional and engaging.

Sara did a very good job introducing a subject to a diverse audience.

"You did a fantastic job on the Q&A and the webinar broadcast turned out fantastic.

This  for me  has been a real treat to get to work with you on this series and to learn more from you." 

~ Webinar Partner