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What do clients say?

Gentle Professionalism

Sara worked on a 4-1/2 year evaluation of our $1.1 million Grant. ... I also watched her present data and results on a number of other major projects in the Twin City area. ... Her writing abilities as seen in their various reports were first class. Sara has an uncanny ability to speak the truth in simple yet thoughtful ways. Reports were written with clarity and purpose. Sara sets a manageable timeline and always meets the deadlines. She is indeed a pleasure to work with and is flexible to changes that the client makes in schedule and timeline as well. Quite frankly, I am often not a great fan of consultants in general. The old statement, "Give me your watch and I'll tell you what time it is," is often true in describing a consultant's work. However, Sara Peterson completely blew me out of the water with her professionalism, gentle nature, and incredible ability to grasp what we were trying to accomplish. You would not go wrong in working with her.


~State Arts Agency Executive Director

Go-to for Delicate Situations

I have worked with Sara over several years and with many projects in my position as Director of Programs for the Indiana Arts Commission. We could always count on Sara to give the right balance of guidance and expertise while really engaging all participants in coming to a collective outcome. Honestly, Sara would be my go-to person for delicate / politically-charged /complex situations - -she has time and again amazed me with the group-invested outcomes she is able to achieve under the most sensitive circumstances.


~ Granting Agency Program Officer

Quick Study

I've worked with Sara several times in the past 10 years, and will continue to look for opportunities to do so. Sara is a quick study and has easily picked up complex nuance of my organization's business as part of her work, she's great at being able to assess the needs of an organization and work process, and she has every time delivered results that were meaningful and consistent with expectations. I've recommended Sara to several others over the years, and will continue to do so. Sara's strengths are in her ability to quickly assess and understand complex topical areas, summarize materials and information into the right sorts of categories for work, read the dynamic needs of a meeting and meeting participants, and direct planning work without being obtrusive to the group's own process.


~ National Association Executive Director

Advancing Governance

Sara is a brilliant nonprofit management consultant that can help organizations move to a much higher level of governance and management. I highly recommend her.


Nonprofit Executive Director

Meaningful Conversation

I... appreciate your thoughtful approach and ability to herd and direct a lot of opinions into meaningful conversations. You do a great job controlling the personalities in a room in a measured and unassuming way.


~ State Municipal Pool Director

Creative & Practical

As a dependable and supportive member of - and major contributor to - the Charities Review Council's Marketing Committee, Sara has injected knowledge of the nonprofit sector, creative marketing and communications ideas, enthusiasm, and a healthy dose of practical common sense. She's bright, energetic and upbeat - an invigorating combination that, I can attest, makes those around her better.


~ Donor Education Executive Director

Image of thank you note
Image of thank you note

Long-term Impact

It’s been seven years in the making. ...  I so wish, as well, that you could be here for the dedication, as you played an important part in making the project a reality (both through the strategic plan and the community engagement process facilitation).


~ Local Arts Agency Executive Director

Fun, Efficient & Exciting

Best experience I’ve ever had doing a strategic plan ... you made it fun, efficient, exciting and the deliverables are second to none. Thanks for showing me what a GREAT facilitator can do!


~ Local Arts Agency Executive Director

Insightful Analysis

Sara did a great job helping us get the Minnesota Channel up and running. She analyzed our successes and failures, so we could build on our early efforts. Sara's work was timely, insightful, and always a great value.


~ Public Television Operations Director

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