Work Samples
  • Strategic Planning

Arts Place: Strategic Direction 2014-2020

Bloomington Housing Authority: Strategic Direction 2018-2030

Columbus Area Arts Council: 2014 Strategic Plan

Indiana Arts Commission: 2017-2021 Strategic Plan

Indianapolis Continuum of Care: Blueprint 2.0  Making homelessness rare, short-lived and recoverable

North Dakota Council on the Arts: 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

WFIU Public Radio: Strategic Direction


  • Grantmaking

Columbus Museum of Art & Design: Grant Guidelines & Process

  • Research & Evaluation

Domestic Violence Network: Environmental Scan

Minnesota State Arts Board: Statewide Audience Development Project Final Evaluation Report (available upon request)


  • Conference Planning

Indiana Arts Commission: 

Indiana Arts Homecoming 2017

Indiana Arts Homecoming 2018

Indiana Arts Homecoming 2019

Indiana Arts Homecoming 2020


  • Merger Planning

Indiana Beekeepers Association & Indiana State Beekeepers Association: Proposal for Consolidation


  • Misc.

ICRMA: Request for Proposals

Indianapolis Continuum of Care: Governance Charter






  • Video of Sara presenting to a large group


  • See Workshops page for sample training titles and slides

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Photo Credit: Poppy Mills

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