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READ ME: Fiscal Sponsorships

So you want to be a fiscal sponsor or find one for yourself?

I have culled what I think are the best, most easily understood sources to get you started on the right track. They are all short, so I encourage you to read them all

First, a couple definitions from the National Council of Nonprofits:

The Sponsored Project/Organization ("sponsee"):

  • Finds a nonprofit to serve as its fiscal sponsor

  • Provides whatever records/reports it agrees to in its written sponsor agreement

The Sponsor:

  • Affirmatively decides that serving as a fiscal sponsor is consistent with its mission

  • Receives donations (not the sponsee), sends acknowledgments to donors, and grants the dollars to the sponsee

  • Acts as fiduciary for the contributions made in all the ways it would its own, including reporting the income and expenses as its own (i.e., IRS Form 990)

Next, go-to sources to learn how to do it correctly:

Go forth. Do good. Be well.


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