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Diving in...

I've wanted to do this for years, capture my thoughts and share them as part of my work. The plans were always for longer form writing. But either I start writing or don't. Here we go.

Over time I expect this blog will contain pieces on nonprofit governance, on planning and group dynamics, on arts and culture as well as government. It will range from conventional to heretical, and I am good with that. My starting point, however, is the COVID-19 world we live in. I have a restart toolkit on the website and a longer guide for the Indianapolis arts community already, but again I know you all need some bite size pieces too.

Today's bite into the COVID-19 apple? Here is my daily routine for keeping up with all the news and changes - the places I check every morning that might help you as well.

  1. First I catch up with Dr. Stu at icrowd and Dr. Osterholm at CIDRAP via daily newsletters. I trust both of them, appreciate their voice, and know I will get the headlines.

  2. Next, I check The NYTimes and WaPo, as well as my local/regional paper and websites for my governor, mayor, or county health for anything reported.

  3. The CDC's What's New page, telling me everything that changed online the day before.

  4. Last, I skim Today's Stories at the ArtsJournal to find out what happened in the sector.

  5. My list for less often check-in is longer than you want to see. Truly. But the twitter-verse is helpful, and I'll talk about that in another post.

  6. Finally, I ground myself in the stats with CovidActNow.

Go forth. Do good. Be well.

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